The company Metrox-Service Sp. z o. o. distributes and sells accessories for household: dust bags, humidifiers, fireplace tool sets etc.

Our offer includes products of different companies but the biggest part of it are the products under our own brand Metrox.

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  • The program HEALTHY AIR
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New products in our offer


Below we would like to show the latest products which have been put in offer recently. Product details can be found in the particular sections of our website.




Płty szklane

Main features:


  • available designs: morning coffee, chili, healthy dried fruit and nuts, Italian olives,
  • cutting board,
  • stand for hot dishes,
  • decorative board,
  • made of heat-resistant glass,
  • resistant to impact,
  • set of 2 pcs.


Details at: products for the home and garden.



Refrigerator Water Filters


Filtr wody

Interior refrigerator water filter - carbon filter which reduces chlorine, bad taste and smell of water, remove contaminants.

At the same time it does not remove beneficial minerals and improves the taste of water.

This is substitute for the original Samsung filter DA29-00003G.

We also offer external refrigerator water filter which is substitute for the filter Samsung DA29-10105J.

Details at: products for the home and garden.





Selfie stick

Selfie stick with mini-jack cable 3.5 mm ideal for taking self-portraits and perfect for shots from distance. The product has stable structure which ensures sharp images and excellent support for your phone.


Main features:


  • maximum phone load is 500g,
  • compatible device for Android 3.0 and higher, iOS 4.0 and higher,
  • suitable for mobile 3.5 to 6.0 inches,
  • available colors: black, pink, green, blue,
  • equipped with handle length of 220 mm to a maximum of 830 mm,
  • rubber handle.


Details at: products for the home and garden.